Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vegan Week

I am in the last half of my vegan week experience with Linda Howard, who organized this little adventure at her blog. To reinforce the changes, Linda includes intermittent conference calls with particpants where you get to ask questions, share recipes and voice concerns. I've been doing pretty well, not perfect, but not bad. Instead of going on automatic pilot when I'm ready to eat, I actually stop and consider what to have. After a stern conversation with myself (angel on one shoulder, devil on the other), I usually end up eating the right thing, certainly more often than I've done in the past.

I think it would be a good idea to start a meetup group with this theme in mind of discovering good vegan places to eat, sharing vegan recipes, doing physical stuff--hiking, swimming, yoga, etc. We could call it Jazzy Vegan Sistahs. Hmmm...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Healthy Thinking

The fact that I haven't been on this blog since July is evidence enough of how much (or rather how little) healthy thinking I've been doing. My doctor said something to me recently that gave me pause and has had me pondering (vs. thinking) ever since. She said, "I can't make you love yourself." Whoa! From the way I've been eating and not taking care of myself, it seems I can't make me love myself either. Not sure about the reasons but I'm ready to explore and to make the lifestyle adjustments that have eluded me for so long.

But I don't just want to look into eating healthier, although that's a major part of it. No, I want to look at the whole package. That includes meditation, exercise (aerobics, yoga, swimming), positive thoughts, positive attitude, everything that contributes to wellness. So I'm starting the journey again with the intention that this time the changes will stick. See you on the other side.